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Safe Chimney Services have been cleaning and inspecting all types of chimneys and appliances in your area for years. Whether you are looking for advice, a sweep, an inspection, a stove installed or a fire back replaced, we are happy to give a quote and some helpful advice.

We have been working in the chimney repair business for over years and have gained a considerable amount of knowledge which we can use to provide you with a full and comprehensive chimney service, from a simple sweep to a full rebuild. We can restore your leaking chimney to a fully working, safe and more efficient unit in the same day using a continuous unjointed 1 piece liner.

Unlike some other companies we will correctly install our liners with virtually no interior disturbance. Some companies claim to have special techniques for installing linings without the need to remove any masonry from the chimney. It is our experience that this may not be the case and you should be suspicious of any installer stating such claims. These installations could be dangerous and would certainly invalidate any manufacturer’s warranty offered.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can trust in the quality, professionalism, responsiveness, reliability, and unrivaled knowledge of our chimney services. You’re guaranteed to get a team of chimney experts in Seattle who will amaze you at how much we care about every little detail and ensuring that every single chimney needs your high level of satisfaction.

Our Services

At Safe Chimney Services we offer essential services like chimney cleaning to clear out hazards and chimney repairs when cracks or other imperfections endanger the function of your chimney. What’s more, we offer free, certified safety inspections with all cleanings. From fireplace accessories to chimney liners, caps and dampers, we give you everything you need to keep your chimney running safely and efficiently. We also restore and repair chimneys. We’re happy to give you a bid.

Why Choose Us?

Safe Chimney Services offers complete expert chimney services to customers in your area. With years of experience, our company has the professional expertise to handle all of your chimney needs

Our own employees complete all our work. This ensures that you always get only the high level of service we are proud to provide. Our team of professional chimney experts follows the National Fire Protection Agency code so you can rest assured that your chimney is safe for you and your family. Our company is licensed and bonded, and our professionals are always neat and clean, and wear uniforms, making us perfect yet best-solution provider in town.

At Safe Chimney Services, we provide detailed expert services. Our trained experts always have your safety in mind and make sure that your chimney is safe for use. When you need chimney cleaning in Cincinnati, be sure to give us a call!The exterior and interior of the chimney needs to be inspected once a year. So please give us a call and we will be more than happy to stop or prevent your chimney leak.