Safe Chimney has built a reputation in Seattle based on trust and expertise across many years of combined experience. We help our clients keep their home safe with a full range of chimney inspection, installation, repair, construction and other services.



Starting at $50.00

Get started at just $49 for a Seattle chimney repair service call. We will first identify the problem whether it’s a deterioration due to a lack of maintenance, leaks, lining cracks, weather exposure, and anything else. We can handle any repair job.


Starting at $129.00

Need an annual chimney inspection and sweep? We’re a top local provider in Seattle that can efficiently sweep your chimney and also perform an expert-level inspection to catch any major issues. Keep your chimney working as best as it possibly can and clear of debris with our sweep and inspection service.


Starting at $70.00

If your chimney is clear, hire us for a comprehensive inspection. As one of the top experts in chimneys in Seattle, we will quickly be able to identify any potential maintenance or repair concerns or hazards. This service is a good idea in a range of situations including for current chimneys that aren’t operating properly, haven’t been used for a while or for a new home purchase.

Hire Us for These Additional Seattle Chimney Services As Needed:

Complete Chimney Cleaning in Seattle

Cap Repair for Chimneys

Chimney Flue Installations

Seattle Chimney Construction Projects


Our customers in Seattle trust in our expertise so they come back to us time and time again. It’s one thing that sets us apart from the competition along with our excellent retention rate.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern on every project. We will always strive to exceed expectations. 

We are passionate about chimneys and always stay at the cutting edge of our field. 

We are very caring about doing the best work possible within your budget and expected turnaround time. 

We believe in offering excellent service, top-tier expertise and responsiveness at a price that is manageable. 

We will do everything we can to become your top source for chimney services locally in Seattle!

Unrivaled Expertise

Our expertise in all types of chimney services in Seattle is unrivaled. We’re able to handle your service request whether it’s a basic maintenance, inspection, construction, flue installation, cap related issue or more. We have worked in the industry for many years and know it extremely well.

Savings for Our Customers

We try to pass the highest amount of savings as possible to our customers in Seattle. We save them time and money two ways - through expedited service and secondly with excellent prices compared to other options. If there’s a way we can do things at a lower cost, we’ll do it.

Flexible Scheduling

Our flexibility with scheduling is unrivaled. We’re available on short notice in many cases in Seattle and surrounding cities, especially when you have an emergency. We’re happy to accommodate you and don’t expect you to accommodate us like other services might.

Do You Really Need Chimney Maintenance?

Many Seattle homeowners can appreciate a beautiful fireplace and chimney. But there is a basic level of maintenance required for it to function well and safely. 

There are over 53,000 home structure fires each year that are associated with over 400 civilian deaths. 

The leading factor in those structure fires was the failure to clean solid-fueled heating equipment, mainly chimneys.

So not only is it critical to clean your Seattle chimney for functionality, you also need to clean it to not become victim to a chimney fire.

There’s no need to worry when you have experts like Safe Chimney available to guide you through the process, provide maintenance at a low cost, and fix a comprehensive range of chimney issues.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can trust in the quality, professionalism, responsiveness, reliability, and unrivaled knowledge of our chimney services. You’re guaranteed to get a team of chimney experts in Seattle who will amaze you at how much we care about every little detail and ensuring that every single chimney job turns out amazingly.

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