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Your chimney is one of the most important and prominent features of your home. So if you need a new chimney installed or want to repair the old one and want to hire a team that offers great value and excellent service that’s exactly where we at Safe Chimney come in.

The chimney cap is located on the top of the chimney flue. The chimney cap prevents weather damages and prevents entry of rodents and birds. Lack of chimney cap will result in water entry into the fireplace and flue, leading to malfunction of chimney workability.

Our cap is custom fit to your chimney and prevents cracking due to freezing. The expanded metal screen not only looks good, but also helps keep out critters such as birds, squirrels, and rats. It helps prevent downdrafts and extreme updrafts. And our cap extends beyond the chimney’s edge preventing water from running down the chimney. Thus, prevents leakage past the flashing which can cause costly damage to the roof structure.

Invest in your home with our affordable, reliable chimney installation services. For more information or to schedule an estimate, call us today.

Our Chimney Cap Services

If your chimney breaks, your daily routine can be significantly affected. A crack could circulate the smoke irregularly or cause the heat to escape. During the winter, your chimney is vital in keeping your family warm. When you call us, we will arrive quickly to fix the problem, so that your family can enjoy all the comforts of the home. For chimneys, you can rely on us for several services:

Chimney Cap Repairs

During our inspection, there could be a chance that something may need to be repaired. A chimney exposed to the elements can have many minor issues that if caught early enough can keep you away from some of the more costly repairs such as rebuilds & lining replacement. If you’re into preventative maintenance our experts will fill you in on how to do it. Call a DME Expert for your next service cleaning or repair.


We understand the virtues of a great chimney. Whether you’re building a brand new chimney or are looking to restore an older chimney, we’re eager to help you create the most beautiful, effective, and safe chimney for your home. Regardless of the type of chimney you need, you can count on us to present an option for your home that is watertight, functional, and attractive. And we strive to keep our rates reasonable without ever skimping on quality.

Why Choose Us?

When you our chimney cap experts, professional will arrive shortly, because we pride ourselves on a quick response. Whether you need stainless steel caps or brick repointing, our dedicated team will complete the job efficiently. We commit ourselves to complete each job with precision.

We will always give you an accurate estimation for the hours needed for any task and notify you when you can expect our staff to appear to begin the work. If anything develops, we will tell you immediately. We know that carrying out any project promptly could save you cash, and our mission is to conserve your both money and time whenever we can.

You should not have to tolerate any discomfort in your home, so we make sure that all our customers’ chimneys are fully functional. Call us right now as we service anywhere in Seattle.

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