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To begin with, even in this modern time when there are various sources of heat, chimneys are still added as an vital part of the house whether it is only for showy purposes or to manage the removal of smoke through the flue of stove, gas or open fire. The chimney construction is a lot more than giving structure of right proportion at the top of your house as it involves understanding so smoke and heat are removed properly. In some cases, only one chimney is responsible for the removal of smoke through flue from different fireplaces from parts of the house.

An ideal chimney consists:

Flue liners

Refractory mortar


Fire brick


Natural stone

Most common chimneys consist of four walls. Each solid masonry wall must be at least 4 inches that surround by a flue liner. The flue lining covers the complete wall of the chimney. The flue liners settle over each other with the help of non-water-soluble refractory mortar. The inside walls of chimneys remain smooth to avoid any kind of obstruction by creosote or debris accumulation. We avoid this situation by keeping the flue offset or at an angle and avoiding any kinds of bends.

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In addition, our team has a project management crew, engineers, and expert crew. They all make sure to give you cost-effective and efficient solutions to save you from any distress. Our services include providing perfect designs of chimneys that satisfy your household. We give inspection and consulting services. So we at Safe Chimney can explain to our clients the cause of both internal and external problems and solutions. Our advanced and efficient solutions include repairing or replacing chimneys to ensure safety. Moreover, this inspection includes a complete report of the situation of the chimney represented by photographs and details of the structure. This comes with a complete plan of maintenance on an affordable budget.

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All in all, Our team is skilled to provide reliable and trustworthy services at great prices. We provide you best quality inspection, consulting, repairing, replacement, and construction of chimneys for household usage, commercial or industrial usage. Our motto is to get success by providing high-quality services with consistency, so we can meet the goals of our clients. Our team’s main concern is to provide our clients with skilled and honest work, so they do not have to face the same problem again. As the fault is chimney construction or its flue can lead to a chimney fire which can be really unsafe, so we make sure to give service that not only fix your chimney but also extend the life of it, so feel free to call us as we service all across Seattle and get your chimney services without any delay or trouble.

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