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Chimney Damper Installation Services

If you are new to chimney-related processes, then you must confuse the term chimney damper, and how does even a chimney damper work? Do not worry as many people go through this confusion. Many residential, commercial, and industrial constructors tell you that fireplaces construct easily, and their warmth can be simply manageable, but it is quite opposite when you do this practically. Here at Safe Chimney, we have a team full of experts experienced in Chimney Damper services as we service all of Seattle.

Chimney dampers keep your houses or offices warm and also remove toxic smoke. If your place does not have a proper system for venting toxic gases, then it is important to know how chimney dampers work. Chimney dampers play part in removal of toxic gases and maintaining the warmth but opening and closing of dampers. An opened damper makes sure to remove the toxic gases from the house by an exhaust while closed dampers assists in keeping the cold air outside while hot air inside to keep the internal temperature of your place warm. A handle present at the base of the firebox controls the opening and closing of the damper. This opens the damper handle as it pushes or lifts so toxic gases can leave easily and quickly.

Chimney Damper Installation

As chimney can be sourced through which warm air exists, and cold air enters the place during winters and entrance of hot air and exist of cold air during summers. But it can be avoided by installing a chimney damper as it provides an airtight sealing, so there is no exchange of cold and hot airs. Chimney dampers also prevent the entrance of rain water critters in your house or office. Chimney dampers are not only economical but also easy to install that even house owners can also install them.

Basic Installation Steps:

Get Essential materials such as wire cable, Allen wrench, anchor nails, mounting bracket and silicon cement.

Get the tools such as drill bit, hammer and wire cutters.

Now spread the silicon cement on the top of chimney flue.

Set the damper on the chimney flue.

Now apply the mounting bracket in the fire box.

Adjust the nails.

At the end apply the clamp.

Chimney Damper repair

Chimney dampers prevent rain or moisture to enter your house or office if its cap. This can also obstruct due to rust, dust, ashes, creosote or debris accumulation over time. The damage will cause defects in the tight sealing of the damper. Also, if the seal is not tight then you will lose valuable heat during winters and pleasing cooling during summers. So to make sure the seal is tight enough and there is no loss of energy. It is important to keep the chimney damper and throat clean by removal of accumulated debris or creosote.

If you want to repair it chimney damper yourself than keep this in your mind that The cleaning of chimney damper is a dirty job to do so make sure you wear a pair of safety glasses, gloves and also wear old clothes, so they would not get dirty with debris.

The repair and replacement of the old chimney damper are essential when there is a bend or crack in it. For this remove the nails to remove the old damper and apply a new damper of the exact same size.

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