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An ideal working of chimney depends on various aspects and all of them are essential in its performance. But if any part of the chimney breaks, and it can affect the safety of the house then chimney flashing is the best and reliable option. Flashing performs at the point where the roof and chimney connect. We consider it a reliable waterproof seal that prevents the penetration of moisture. The durability of chimney flashing is almost 30 years depending upon the area, size, shape, and material of your chimney.

Types of Chimney Flashing:

Aluminum flashing- it is expensive but quite popular for its durability

Steel – use commonly because of its strength and anti-corrosive quality.

Copper – it is the most expensive option as it is lightweight, durable and can stand any weather.

Vinyl or PVC – we recommend in areas with warm weather as it cracks in extreme weather.

Our Services

The breakage in the base of chimney can cause leaks which can lead to penetration of water in the house. To avoid all these troubles, it is essential to fix the problem of leakage. Safe Chimney deals with all the processes related chimney flashing such as installation, cleaning or repair. Our experts train to provide you best quality chimney flashing according to your area, size and shape of chimney, so all requirements of our clients fulfills without any stress. Our company also keep this in mind the services we at Safe Chimney provide you not only meet your expectations but also are cost-effective. The technicians do a complete inspection of your chimney before the install of chimney flashing, so you would not face any issue in near future.

Why choose us

Our company’s first concern is our client satisfaction to give them their services at their desired cost. Our team helps to provide reliable and durable work because nothing is more important than our clients safety for us. Chimneys are vital and requires constant checking and cleaning so that it repairs in time. Our technicians are only one call away to help. So do not lag if you are looking for high-quality work with strength. We have great prices. So call us to get the best chimney services all over Seattle.

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