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Safe Chimney has built a reputation in [post_title] based on trust and expertise across many years of combined experience. We help our clients keep their home safe with a full range of chimney inspection, installation, repair, construction and other services.

Having a fireplace in your home adds a sense of coziness, but it is important to make sure you properly maintain the chimney. If the chimney is not correctly cared for, soot can build up and can flood your home with smoke, creating a health hazard to you and your family. This is where Safe Chimney comes in, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and trustworthy chimney service company. We offer chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney rebuilds, and chimney cap installation, and similar services. We truly are “Your local chimney experts.”


All of Safe Chimey’s employees and technicians are extensively trained in order to ensure high quality results when attending to your chimney needs. We offer a wide  range of services, some of the most commonly requested ones are listed below. You can call us to schedule an appointment, or book directly through our website.


Starting at $69

If your chimney is clear, hire us for a comprehensive inspection. As one of the top experts in chimneys in [post_title], we will quickly be able to identify any potential concerns or hazards. This service is a good idea for a range of situations including chimneys that aren’t operating properly, haven’t been used for a while or for a new home purchase.


Starting at $99

Need an annual chimney inspection and sweep? We’re a top local provider that can efficiently sweep your chimney and also perform an expert-level inspection to catch any major issues. Keep your chimney working  and clear of debris with our sweep and inspection service.


Starting at $49

Get started at just $49 for a chimney repair service call. We will first identify the problem whether it’s a deterioration due to a lack of maintenance, leaks, lining cracks, weather exposure or anything else. We can handle any repair job.

What We Can Do For You

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Services As Needed:

Complete Chimney Cleaning

Cap Repair for Chimneys

Flue Installations

Roy Chimney Construction

Flexible Chimney Liner Installation

Chimney Flashing

Damper Repair

Chimney Rain Cap Installation

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Safe Chimney Services is a full service chimney company that serve in your area. We offer complete chimney services including inspection, repair and cleaning. With years of experience, we are the reliable local chimney experts, offering one-stop chimney solution.

Our highly skilled employees are trained to have your safety in mind. We don’t use subcontractors and you can be assured that our services are always done to exacting high standards. Whether you require a regular chimney cleaning, need an inspection of your chimney or require a chimney repair, count on us to provide the highest level of professional services.

We provide a number of professional chimney services including:

Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your chimney clean is important to your safety. Flammable creosote accumulates in the chimney flue every time you burn wood. This substance needs removed periodically to keep it from starting a fire in the upper part of your chimney. Our expert sweeps will professionally clean your chimney with no mess.

Chimney Installation & Repair

Like other areas of the home, chimneys require upkeep and repair. Our skilled team is ready to review and complete any repairs necessary to keep your chimney functioning properly and safe to use. Much of your chimney is hidden from view. That’s why it can be an easily neglected part of the home. However, problems can be dangerous to homeowners and chimney repairs should be done quickly to avoid hazardous conditions.

Chimney Inspection

Since your chimney is located inside your structure, it is essential to have it professionally inspected on a regular basis. Our inspections utilize a 20-point guideline that is in accordance with the NFPA code. It is the same guideline used by homeowners and real estate companies. Whether you need an inspection for a home sale or simply want to be safe, our inspection offers a total review of your chimney.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can trust in the quality, professionalism, responsiveness, reliability, and unrivaled knowledge of our chimney services. You’re guaranteed to get a team of chimney experts in [post_title] who will amaze you at how much we care about every little detail and ensuring that every single chimney needs your high level of satisfaction.


Unrivaled Expertise

Our expertise in all types of chimney sweep [post_title] is unrivaled. We’re able to handle your service request whether it’s a basic maintenance, inspection, construction, flue installation, cap related issue or more. We have worked in the industry for many years and know it extremely well.

Savings for Our Customers

We try to pass the highest amount of savings as possible to our customers in [post_title]. We save them time and money two ways – through expedited service and secondly with excellent prices compared to other options. If there’s a way we can do things at a lower cost, we’ll do it.

Flexible Scheduling

Our flexibility with scheduling is unrivaled. We’re available on short notice in many cases in [post_title] and surrounding cities, especially when you have an emergency. We’re happy to accommodate you and don’t expect you to accommodate us like other services might.

Do You Really Need Chimney Maintenance?

Contact SAFE CHIMNEY today and get your chimney operating safely for your family.

With senior and veteran discounts, as well as warranties on ALL new installations and repairs, you’re guaranteed to always receive the best quality from our team. If you need any support or have a question, feedback, need to make an appointment or suggestion, you can use the form here:

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Now is the time to upgrade and secure your home’s chimney. 

From cleaning and masonry repairs to stainless steel liners and caps, your fireplace will always be in great hands with us. You can prevent fire hazards and maintain more efficient heat with sweeping and cleaning service today.

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