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Chimneys that are left neglected for years can bring about household fire. For this reason, the importance of checking and cleaning your chimney at least once a year cannot be emphasized enough. To ensure your home’s safety and the efficiency of your chimney, it is a must the interiors of your chimney are properly cleaned up from soot and creosote.

Here’s an easy guide to cleaning your chimney yourself, but if you prefer to have a certified professional do it for you, and save you time, dirt, and a probable headache, then schedule an appointment with us now.

Here are some tips on how to clean a chimney

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1. Wear protective clothing before attempting to clean your chimney. An eye guard, a dust mask, gloves and comfortable clothes are essentials to protect you from dusts, soot, and unwanted debris. Before attempting to clean your chimney, make sure that it has already cooled down especially its interiors. Use a sturdy ladder and always make sure that the ladder is properly in place before stepping or climbing on it.

2. Use your chimney brush with care and watch out for the springs which may accidentally hit your eyes or bruise your skin. Choose a brush that is just the right size for your chimney.

You can either clean your chimney from the bottom up which is rather a messy way of cleaning since dusts and soot will naturally fall and mess up your fireplace, floor and furniture.

Or you can clean from the top down and seal the opening of your fireplace to keep the soot and dusts within the fireplace. This is much easier method because you can easily sweep off the fireplace floor after the chimney has been completely cleaned up.

An important tip on how to clean a chimney, extra care is very important especially when cleaning your fireplace from the roof.

3. Lastly, vacuum the floors and make sure that there are no residues left especially around hard to reach areas before using your fireplace again.

Make sure that the damper is not broken or clogged by creosote or soot. If the damper is damaged, replace it right away.

Also, check for cracks and in case there are, have a professional inspect your chimney immediately.

How to clean a chimney by yourself


These are just some reminders on how to clean a chimney that you can follow to keep your chimney free from clogs and safe from possible fire. Remember, if you’re not experienced with this job, call us now to ask for a quote.

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